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Home Health Supplies

A major part of our inventory is a wide selection of home health supplies which include many common products like braces for muscles and joints, walkers, wheelchairs, bath supplies, commodes etc. to large hospital-style beds that can be adjusted to fit any personal need or preference. We also carry other products for most medical needs that can make the healing process much more comfortable. Many of these are only aides for treatment, not cures, so it’s important to use these to complement other treatments and as part of a fuller recovery plan. The key idea to remember when shopping for home health products is that you will be wearing or using them for a long time and at home. Therefore, these products must be durable, comfortable, and adaptable to your body and your home. Please take your time to discuss these products with our sales professionals and your physician or physiotherapist before making a final choice. We’re proud to carry top-quality home health and medical equipment and supplies. Whether you’re looking to improve the accessibility in your home, increase the safety of your bathroom or get on the go with a new mobility device – High River Pharmacy, Home Health and Medical Supply Centre has you covered! We’ve successfully helped thousands of clients since opening our doors in 2018, and we’re excited to continue serving our customers with excellence. We look forward to taking care of your home health and medical supply needs! Give us a call today, fill out our contact form or send us an email.

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Stephanie Woods

I am completely satisfied with High River Home Health and Medical Supply Centre staff and services. I have shopped with them since 20018 and I will highly recommend their services.